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Handmade coconut soy wax candle with Coffee Shop scent. 


Available in 2 size. 6 oz and 9 oz glass jars. 


Please note that due to the handmade nature of this candle, color shades and swirl styles may slightly vary. Each candle is handcrafted and unique!

Coffee Shop Candle

  • Step into your favorite cozy café anytime with our Coffee Shop Candle. Close your eyes, and you'll feel like you're right there, surrounded by the comforting aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the subtle hint of baked goods wafting from the counter. Imagine the gentle hum of conversation, the clinking of cups, and the inviting warmth of the atmosphere. Our candle captures all of this in one delightful scent, bringing the essence of your beloved coffee shop straight to your home. Whether you're starting your day with a cup of joe, meeting a friend for a chat, or simply craving the comforting ambiance of your local café, our Coffee Shop Candle will fill your space with the familiar and comforting fragrance of your favorite brew, creating a welcoming haven for relaxation and connection.

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