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Handmade soy wax candle with Honey, Milk & Oatmeal scent. 


Approximately 9 oz. 


Please note that due to the handmade nature of this candle, color shades and swirl styles may slightly vary. Each candle is handcrafted and unique!

Honey, Milk & Oatmeal Candle

SKU: 0009
  • Our honey, milk, and oatmeal candle  is designed to evoke the comforting aroma of a warm, nourishing bowl of oatmeal with milk and honey. The candle is made from natural ingredients and is hand-poured into a glass container.

    The scent of honey, milk, and oatmeal in the candle is created by a combination of essential oils, fragrance oils, and natural extracts. The aroma is warm, sweet, and comforting, and is intended to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere in any room.

    The candle is made with natural soy wax, which burns cleanly and evenly, without producing harmful toxins or soot. The wick is made from natural cotton, which provides a steady and consistent flame.

    When using our honey, milk, and oatmeal candle, it is important to trim the wick before each use and to allow the wax to melt completely across the surface of the candle before extinguishing it. This will help to ensure a longer burn time and prevent tunneling.

    Overall, a honey, milk, and oatmeal candle is a beautiful and fragrant way to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in any room, while also providing some potential benefits for the skin.

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